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the once and future king of cool
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Date:2010-11-19 10:54
Subject:New Blog

instead of updating here, i'll be updating my new blog. please check it out. thank you.

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Date:2010-09-21 22:13
Subject:i'm old

back when i worked at the internet cafe, i had a bunch of 12-year old customers that i looked after and played video games with while they waited for their parents.
i hadn't given them much thought since i quit but an event this past weekend reminded me of them and i came to the shocking realization that they are now (most likely) on their way to finishing their 2nd year of college.
(i write "most likely" because most of them were kind of dumb.)

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Date:2010-07-22 16:34

i will be returning to livejournal soon.
stay tuned, party people!

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Date:2008-12-07 00:28
Subject:unofficial IQ test

i honestly don't know how accurate these online quizzes are but here is my result:
Free-IQTest.net - MENSA Test
i'm interested to take a "real" one to see what my actual score would be.

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Date:2008-12-01 10:04

i'm having mixed emotions today.

my grandma died this morning. i heard the news on the way to school. i was mean to her 6 years ago and i couldn't apologize; not because of my pride but because by the time she moved to chicago 5 years ago (she was in texas before), her health was already failing. it's one of the biggest regrets of my life. i'm glad she's no longer in pain.

i just picked up my cap and gown for my graduation. it's been a long journey.
i graduate december 18, 2008.

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Date:2008-11-28 10:35
Subject:christmas came early for my brother

i gave my brother his christmas present early.

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Date:2008-11-18 15:24

oh no!
i've become a fan of bi (rain).

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Date:2008-10-20 17:56
Subject:absolutely beautiful

out of all the musical scenes the marx brothers have done, this is without a doubt my favorite one :

from "a day at the races"

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Date:2008-10-20 17:46
Subject:favorite "i love lucy" episodes

"lucy and john wayne" lucy and ethel have made off with the cement slab of john wayne's footprints.
"getting ready" the ricardos and the mertzes are all ready to leave for california, until they see the car fred has bought for the trip
"lucy does a TV commercial" lucy is hired to act as the "vitameatavegamin girl" in a television commercial.
"job switching" lucy and ethel get jobs packaging candy that is delivered on a conveyor belt.
"lucy and superman" lucy tries to get george reeves, star of the 50s "adventures of superman" television series, to appear at little ricky's birthday party
"lucy visits the grauman's" lucy discovers that the cement slab with john wayne's footprints in front of the grauman's chinese theater has come loose.

i vaguely remember seeing the harpo marx episode when i was younger and i'm dying to see it again.

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Date:2008-10-20 17:22
Subject:facebook, day 11

boy, people sure have a hard time understanding why i won't accept their friend request on facebook.

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Date:2008-09-27 15:45
Subject:lego batman

my brother hasn't bought legos in almost 15 years but last night, while looking through the instruction manual for the lego batman video game, he came across one that he simply could not pass up :

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Date:2008-08-27 10:42
Subject:why me?

i almost lost the pinky finger on my right hand last night.
i was washing the dishes when the glass cup i had in my hands shattered and a large piece sliced my finger.
i can't type anymore; maybe add more later.

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Date:2008-08-21 10:54
Subject:i'm so drained

this quarter is taking such a toll on me, physically and mentally, that i'm doing something that i haven't done since junior high school - i'm wearing the same outfit two days in a row.
i'd wear the same outfit the entire week except i still have my reputation to maintain.

i've even stopped using hair product. i've been styling my hair for a little more than a decade but i've stopped completely because of this stinkin' quarter.

i'm so exhausted.

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Date:2008-08-13 13:13
Subject:last quarter = hell

my upcoming quarter is my final quarter before i graduate (i graduate in december).
my upcoming quarter is also going to wind up being one of my least favorite.
i have a class (portfolio II) mondays and wednesdays from 8am to 10:50am;
and i have a class (team animation) on fridays from 9am to 3:20pm.
talk about miserable.
the only redeeming thing is that both are taught by teachers i absolutely like.

after i endure this summer quarter and next quarter, i'll be a college graduate. i'm scared and nervous but excited.
now i'll just need to find a nice job and find a girlfriend and i'll be all set.

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Date:2008-06-27 21:56
Subject:wizard world '08 again

things i bought :

my friend jay tried to win either a free t-shirt or a DVD but wound up only winning a sticker

(yes, the same jay that won this year's chicago kollaboration)

then jay tried creating a character he called "sexy mama"

my brother tried looking for some back issues that he needed

my friend dave tried to figure out if he should buy toys or a medieval sword

(he wound up buying the sword)

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Date:2008-06-27 21:50
Subject:wizard world '08

just got home from wizard world 2008.
here are some random pictures (i would've taken more but i ran out of batteries and instead of packing 4 AA like my camera needs, i only packed 3) :

i saw hulk

i saw godzilla

i saw a fat iron man

i saw yivo

i saw bendis vs. johns

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Date:2008-06-06 02:56
Subject:his and hers

i've been downloading couple wallpapers for my cellphone.

but i'm single with absolutely no prospects in sight.
is that wishful thinking or kind of pathetic?

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Date:2008-05-31 22:59
Subject:i bring good news

baskin-robbins now has soft serve.

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Date:2008-05-21 01:02
Subject:blu ray, here i come (or disney hates koreans)

the other day i went to best buy to purchase accessories for my iPod and i discovered another reason for me to slowly abandon DVDs and start building up my blu ray library - korean subtitles.
my parents have a hard time understanding and fully enjoying american movies and the only company that provides korean subtitles on their DVDs is columbia tristar (but even then, it's only around 5% of their titles that offer the option). whenever i had a chance, i would go to various DVD retail stores and looked at the back of their columbia tristar DVD titles to see if they had korean subtitles; then i would e-mail myself a list so the next time we had a family movie night, we knew what to get.
blu ray, however, offers nearly 20% of their titles with korean subtitles regardless of which studio produced it (except none of the disney movies; i guess they hate koreans).
i e-mailed a list to myself and here it is (in case anyone needs to watch a movie with their korean FOB friends or korean FOB parents, and has a blu ray player) :
big fish
day after tomorrow
the die hard trilogy
fantastic four 2 : rise of the silver surfer
50 first dates
independence day
i robot
the spider-man trilogy
stranger than fiction
tears of the sun
layer cake
a knight's tale
hell boy
man on fire

our first blu ray is "man on fire" because my brother is a huge dakota fanning fan.
and in case anyone's wondering, my DVD library contains 395.

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Date:2008-05-15 21:32
Subject:possibly the coolest iPod speakers

a friend of mine recently got this :

the iPod plugs into where the cassette would normally go.
how neat and creative is that?

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